Soft Skills and Personality Development Course in Delhi University

We undoubtedly encounter a variety of situations, changes in the environment, and new responsibilities as our lives go on. All these situations somehow lead to changes in our personalities. Personality development is the process of continuously improving ourselves, whether it is in professional life, educational life, personal life, or in any other stages of life. Association of R.K. College of […]

RKFMA- Photography Course in Delhi

The act of photographing is the process of capturing a picture on light-sensitive film. The professional institute in Delhi, RK Films and Media Academy offer photography course in Delhi. Contrary to popular belief, photography is a delicate art form that combines technical proficiency with the creative ability to capture images that are vivid and lifelike. RKFMA’s Photography Institute is the […]

RKFMA – Institute of Video Editing in Delhi

Institute of Video Editing in Delhi Filmmaking cannot be completed without video editing. It requires familiarity with cinematic grammar. RK Films and Media Academy as an institute of video editing offers in-depth training and relevant creative skills. The creative abilities needed for video editing can be used for a variety of genres, including news, online video, movies, music videos, YouTube, […]

RKFMA – Digital Marketing Institute in Delhi

One of the greatest advantages for a developing nation like India is digitization, which is a powerful tool. Digitization has accelerated even in rural areas of our big and culturally varied nation due to the rise in the use of internet-enabled smartphones simultaneously supported by government initiatives like Digital India. Digital Marketing Institute in Delhi RK Films and Media Academy, […]

Graphic Design Course in Delhi

RK Films and Media Academy, offers the graphic design course in Delhi. The field of creativity and communication which helps to communicate to its audience through visual content. Graphic design is the course in which the students can get familiar with industry while focusing on the principle of design likewise rhythm, contrast, balance, etc. Additionally, students are trained to create […]