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RK Films & Media Academy  is an ideal centre of excellence for education. RKFMA offers Mass Media, Mass Communication, Journalism, Acting, Dubbing, Editing, Animation Sound RecordingCamera with Digital Photography and other training courses in the field of Films, TV " Radio. The courses’ curriculums are unique go beyond what is offered elsewhere. RKFMA offers the most successful mass mediamass communication, journalism films related courses in the India. RKFMA is an all “new media” college  and all of its educational courses in broadcast and print journalism courses are upgraded regularly to keep the education aspect of our students updated and deliver them with skills/ training needed to be a professional which also differentiates itself from traditional university delivery methods. 

The students joining the courses at the Academy gains knowledge through real-time exposure by following step by step process as below:

Education >> Training >> Productions >> Opportunities

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