Is Joining a Acting School really Beneficial?

Acting School

Acting courses offered by RKFMA, acting school in Delhi NCR, help its students to express fictional or non-fictional stories through series of performances and scene rehearsals.

RK Films and Media Academy is one of the best schools for acting in India. The school earlier had its academic collaboration with IGNOU, Jesus and Mary College, and Hansraj College. At present, it has been associated with Delhi University. The school provides the budding actors with relevant workshops, constant rehearsals, seminars, and many more from experts in the field. They help their students to push off their limits and to get over their shyness while facing the camera.   

RKFMA’s Acting School eligibility criteria:

Acting is a passion that one has in itself. Some people need motivation and direction to lead the path. RK Film and Media Academy is one of such school who leads the direction and motivates their students.

The eligibility criteria for admission are:

  • One with 12 years of age or above can apply for the acting course.
  • Students from outside Delhi or International students can also get admission. 


International students or students from outside Delhi who are applying to RKFMA’s acting school will be assisted in getting accommodation for a PG or hostel facilities. Additionally, the enrolling students shall be eligible to make the payment in installments.

Acting school and its various courses:

Acting is the mode of expressing thoughts and stories by enacting a scene or part of the given script. There are numerous courses that one can pursue in the field of acting. RKFMA offers the opportunity to learning acting at various level in the school. A student must need to acknowledge what fascinates oneself. The various types of courses are:

  • Certificate course in Acting – It includes the basics of acting such as camera facing, dubbing, etc.
  • Diploma course in Acting and Modeling – It includes actor training/ beauty pageant modeling, catwalk, ramp walk, basic modeling, body language, hair, skincare, and many more. 

The medium of teaching in the studio will be both Hindi and English.

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