Actors Repertory

RK Films & Media Academy’s “Actors Repertory” is a multicultural group of highly trained, dedicated and talented young students of the theatre. It is one of the artist-driven organizations of actors from various age groups and backgrounds in New Delhi, India. The members of the Repertory are connected by a mission, which is to discover exciting, provocative theatre that has rarely, if ever, been produced.

The Actors Repertory at RKFMA endeavors to find innovative and bold approaches to its organization and to its rehearsal processes and performances, with the purpose of bringing excellence to the stage.

The Academy also invites participation from those who are trained theatre artists to share their invaluable knowledge & experience and, also, with those who are looking forward to make their career in the field of drama & acting.

The theatre group comprises mostly the students and the performers who have the "feel" & passion towards acting & theatre arts.

If you have an equal inclination & preservance for Acting or Drama and wish with will to be a part of this repertory then you may email your updated portfolios & profiles to,

The Academy also invites participation from learned & experienced artists who would like to share their experiences with the Organisation & boost the morale of its talents by supplementing them with relevant inputs to enhance their opportunities in this creative but challenging vocation.

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