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The act of photographing is the process of capturing a picture on light-sensitive film. The professional institute in Delhi, RK Films and Media Academy offer photography course in Delhi.

Contrary to popular belief, photography is a delicate art form that combines technical proficiency with the creative ability to capture images that are vivid and lifelike. RKFMA’s Photography Institute is the place for you to be if you are enthusiastic about taking the most breathtaking photos with your camera. As a leading photography institute, we prepare the students to be skilled photographers who excel in this field.

Photography has evolved over the past few decades from being merely another hobby to a fascinating career. More and more individuals are choosing professional photography as a career because it allows them to make a good living doing what they are most enthusiastic about.

By offering a top-notch studio environment, RKFMA’s Institute of Photography assists you in realizing your goal of being a very professional and capable photographer.

By practicing and learning the different types of photography few of the career options one can make their career on:

• Fashion Photography – Photography in the field of fashion requires a skill of creativity. Photographing fashion clothing, accessories, and shoes in studios on an open street, or in the fields along with good teamwork is what fashion photography required.

• Photojournalism – Telling a story through photography in as truthful and realistic a way as they can is what photojournalism is. Photojournalists are required to click candid pictures to show the naturality of the story which is generally published in magazines or online platforms.

• Sports Photography – Capturing a perfect shot of athletes, or the emotion/reaction of the fans with the understanding of the sport represents the desire of a sports photographer. This kind of photography usually requires a long and heavy lens for zooming in on the action.

• Wedding Photography – Capturing the moments of people, in a candid form. From the way, it happens to a perfect click which is worth keeping as a memory is the role of wedding photography.

RKFMA offers photography training courses to guide their students about:

• Indoor and Outdoor lighting

• Correct use of DSLR

• Basics to advanced techniques in photography and videography

• Awareness of various camera accessories

• Guidance to start a business

The institute provides both weekend and full-time photography courses. Students can enroll themselves according to their interests. For information on admissions, contact at +91-9312237583, +91-9310047775, +91- 9958880223 between 10am to 5pm IST.

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