Cancellation Refund Policy

A student interested in enrolling, re-registering in any of the courses offered by RKFMA can either pay for the fee applicable by visiting RKFMA in person or by post or by online fee payment options made available through or from official communication sent by RKFMA. Any fee paid is not liable to be refunded or adjusted or compensated by RKFMA under any circumstances.

Any concerns related to cancelation of admission shall not be permitted.

After making any payment, the student/ payer is strongly advised to maintain a copy or screenshots of the transactions done. If the payer has paid twice for one transaction, the amount extra or excess transaction amount will be adjusted against next fee installments dues or may be refunded via same source within 15 to 20 working days.

After making the payment, immediately inform the Admissions Office or the Administration Division of RKFMA by sending email to, with complete details of transaction.

RKFMA reserve the right to modify or terminate any of the policy(ies) for any reason, without notice at any time.

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