Graphic Design Course in Delhi

RK Films and Media Academy, offers the graphic design course in Delhi. The field of creativity and communication which helps to communicate to its audience through visual content. Graphic design is the course in which the students can get familiar with industry while focusing on the principle of design likewise rhythm, contrast, balance, etc. Additionally, students are trained to create images for web, print, and editing images.

The student would be taught how to apply design ideas and aspects in product branding and advertising through this professional Graphic Design course. Students will receive thorough, practical instruction in graphic design using all common programmers used in print media. Additional seminars focusing on typography and color sense will broaden students’ knowledge of aesthetics.

Graphic Design Course

Graphic Design Course helps to deliver the message using animation, graphics, and images. Graphic Designing course offered by RK Films and Media Academy, has its following highlights:

● Communication Theory

● Color Theory

● Graphic Theory

● Perspective Drawing

●Animation Concepts

RKFMA provides the prototype environment that is often found in professional animation studios or graphic designing services in India and overseas. Students, during and after their learning process, can gain needed industry exposure by applying to available jobs or internships with assistance from the Academy as well.


Any individual aspirant interested in studying the imaginative real-time effects & animation utilized in movies, ads, or any other type of visual communication. You can also enroll if you’re a student studying courses in mass communication, video editing, the visual arts, or related fields. A distinct advantage will go to applicants who are skilled in pencil sketching and drawing.

Duration of Graphic Design Course:

RK Films and Media Academy (RKFMA) offers the course in graphic designing including training on video editing and animation. The duration of course varies from 2-5 months.

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