A Mini Guide To Mass Communication Courses In Delhi From RKFMA

The sector of media and communications has been fast growing across the globe and the scenario is the same in India, after liberalization. And social media has accelerated this development. With the presence of various online platforms like Facebook, X, Instagram, and others, there is a growing scope of journalism as a job and also as a freelance venture. With […]

Embark on a Thrilling Journey in Media and Entertainment with RKFMA

Are you passionate about the world of media and entertainment? Do you dream of becoming a part of the dynamic industry that shapes our media landscape? Look no further than RK Films and Media Academy (RKFMA), one of the oldest and most prestigious media colleges in Delhi NCR. RKFMA offers a range of courses in the field of media and […]


RK Films & Media Academy is a premier institution that has been offering degree and diploma courses in mass communication and journalism since 2006. Over the years, it has established itself as one of the best journalism colleges in Delhi, providing quality education to students who aspire to become journalists, reporters, editors, and media professionals. RKFMA offers a comprehensive curriculum […]

Bachelors in Mass Communication and Journalism

R.K. Films and Media Academy offers a bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Mass Communication in Delhi, Karol Bagh. Bachelors in Journalism and Mass Communication Course (BJMC Course) A three-year undergraduate curriculum graduating with a BA in Mass Communication and journalism course focuses on the key components of mass media, including print media, radio, magazines, film, television, and other digital platforms that […]

What To Do Next With a Mass Communication Degree?

A Degree in Mass Communication opens the door to diverse career opportunities in multiple industries. Mass communication course in India trains students on how to produce newsworthy content and communicate with a massive audience through different modes. It is an exciting and broad industry. With a degree in mass communication, students often get into a dilemma on what to do […]

Top Reasons for Pursuing a Mass Communication Degree

Are you planning to enter the exciting world of media and are exploring what benefits will come along your way after getting a degree in mass communication? If so, then reading this blog will acquaint you with some of its career benefits. Admission in mass communication opens the door for the abundance of career options in the vast fields of […]

BJMC Course in Delhi

BJMC Course in Delhi

Start preparing for your bright career at RK Films And Media Academy. Our foundation is laid with the vision to be a helping hand for the aspirants willing to build their careers in the mass communication and journalism industry. We offer a wide range of BJMC courses, including short-term, long-term, diplomas, and certificates. Being one of the most in-demand industries […]

Diploma in Mass Communication

Diploma in Mass Communication

Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication is a one-year diploma course that focuses on gaining in-depth experience using various tools used in mass communication, like public relations, event management, advertising, corporate communication, film direction, marketing, and the like. The course training aims to upskill the students with a passion for careers in journalism and […]

BJMC-Bachelor’s in Journalism and Mass Communication BJMC Colleges in Delhi

Bachelor’s in Journalism and Mass Communication Bachelor’s in Journalism and Mass Communication (also known as BJMC) is a three-year undergraduate degree program. This course is for students with curious minds who wish to build their careers in Journalism and mass communication. The program refines various skills like gathering, transmitting, and delivering information, writing, networking, research, analysis, interpretation, problem-solving, observation and […]