Office Automation and E – Accounting

Delhi University and the R.K. College of System and Management collaborated to offers a Certificate Course in Office Automation and E-Accounting.

This course is intended for newcomers who want to master the fundamentals of widely used accounting software like tally and MS-Excel in addition to learning how to use the popular MS-office programmes for bookkeeping, drafting, presentations, etc. The course also includes learning through demonstration of e-filling.

Speaking of the course, let’s understand the term Office Automation and E- Accounting:

What is Office – Automation stands for?

Office automation is a general word that refers to the various kinds of computer systems and software that are used to gather, store, transfer, edit, and use office information digitally to carry out activities. Office automation essentially helps to manage data.

Data transmission without human involvement is made possible by office automation. Manual error isn’t a possibility because people aren’t involved in the process. What originally started with a typewriter has transformed into a wide range of automation and electronic gadgets that have altered how people work.

What is E- Accounting?

The use of the internet and online technologies for business accounting is referred to as online accounting, also known as E-Accounting. E-accounting is the “electronic enablement” of legitimate accounting and recognizable accounting processes, which were usually manual and paper-based. Similar to how email is an electronic version of conventional mail.  

Benefits of E – Accounting:

E – accounting software is essential and useful for business accounting today because of its various functions and few of them are:

  • Simple to use – It is designed in a way to understand easily and anybody without any prior knowledge can begin using it.
  • Centralized data accessibility – The availability of centralized data is the main advantage of online billing software. All of your accounting data that is available online and may be accessed through the internet browser on any computer system. The clients can access any data and financial information from any devices.
  • Speedy Data Recovery and Faster Payments – Create online invoices in a flash, email them to clients, and receive payment more quickly. Manage your cash flow by being aware of every single transactional information, client payment history, profit history, and so on. 

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