Interior Design and Architecture Planning

Constructing an interior environment that decors and satisfies human needs, is the profession called Interior Design.

The art and science of creating and planning sustainable and aesthetic interiors correspond to the architect of space is the job of an Interior Designer.

Delhi University and R.K. Academy of Art and Design collaborate to offer the Certificate Course in Interior Design & Architecture Planning.

People sometimes mix up two overlapping occupations since they both involve designing in their work, which is comparable for architects and interior designers. A building’s structure, for instance, is designed by an architect, and its interior is created by an interior designer.  

Before pursuing interior design and architecture as a profession, one should know about the field and the career in it. Speaking of the same let us look more into it:

About an Interior Designer!

Modifying a building’s interior is known as interior design. The goal of an interior designer is to create a space that is more visually beautiful and pleasing to the people using it.

The work of an interior designer is not only restricted to the interior of homes or buildings it also includes the following:

  • Furniture Placements
  • Lightning
  • Kitchen
  • Flooring
  • Home Accessories

A good interior design enhances a room by making it comfortable for its purpose. For instance, you would choose features that make a bedroom more calming if you were creating one. The attention and productivity of a workplace will increase with proper design.

Architecture and space planning are the main areas of concentration for the profession of interior design, which also focuses on producing cogent and aesthetically acceptable interior designs for homes and businesses that fit into new or existing structures.

The field of interior design has changed throughout time, though, as more designers have embraced the technical aspects of addressing building structures in their designs.

Training in Interior Design and Architecture Planning offered by Delhi University follows the following course content:

  • Fundamentals of Drawing and Sketching in Interior Designing
  • Introduction to Design
  • Concept of Geometry
  • Drafting Skills
  • Color Wheel
  • Design Drawing and Graphics
  • Interior Design Materials and Applications
  • Space Planning
  • Basics of Vaastu
  • Furniture Planning
  • Budgeting

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