How to Become a Radio Jockey: A Guide to Unlocking Your Voice on Airwaves

In the enchanting world of mesmerizing voices, melodic tunes, and engaging conversations, becoming a radio jockey is a dream that many aspire to fulfil. If you’re someone who is passionate about entertaining an audience, expressing yourself verbally, and forging a strong connection through the airwaves, then the path of a radio jockey is a perfect choice for you. However, the […]

Radio Jockeying Course

Give your raw talent a broad exposure at RK Films and Media Academy. Do you know your voice has the power to lead you to a bright future? If you have that appealing voice and a passion for entertaining others with your interaction skills, then the radio jockeying course is a perfect fit for you. By learning various relevant techniques, […]

Radio Jockey Course in Delhi

Radio Jockey Course in Delhi

If you are an aspiring to build a career in the Radio Industry, then Radio Jockey as a career will entirely serve your passion. RK Films and Media Academy offer Radio Jockey, News Reading and Anchoring Course in association with Delhi University. This course will create the fundamental Script for Radio, Time slot for Broadcasting content, Stages of Production in […]