RKFMA | Acting School in Delhi

Acting School in Delhi

RK Films & Media Academy is a famous acting and drama school that has consistently shown development with its growth and offering unique training curriculum in the field Acting & Modelling for films, TV & stage theatre). You will also find RKFMA listed amongst many recognized media platforms as of the best acting institute in Delhi.

The training pattern on Acting and Fashion Modeling covers variety of modules like

– camera facing

– modelling

– voice culture : voice and diction

– mime acting

– dance

– fight and stunt classes

– body movements and expressions

– short films productions

– makeup for actors and actresses

– workshops by guest celebrities

– dubbing and voice overs techniques

– audition tips and techniques

The trainers and faculties for acting course and fashion modeling are all sourced from film and TV industry. The whole course is conducted in form of regular continuous workshops. The teachers also keep them informed on the history, current developments and professional ethics needed.

At RKFMA’s Acting School, you will be fully trained in all aspects with regular acting rehearsals, preparations for film/TV scenes & acting roles in front of teachers. Students also get opportunities rehearsal practice, record short scenes, dialogues, monologues, etc. Students get chances to play role in different short films production of various genres (comedy, angry, romance, documentary, web series and different accents or dialects required for films and serial) which allow them to diversify their acting skills like professional actor or actress.

RKFMA’s acting drama school, the primary aim of is to enable and expand the acting skills of its students by involving them in productions and performance driven activities. Any beginner, fresh faces or those who are completely new to Films/TV/Acting industry can learn all skills of becoming a professional Actor or Actress by joining at acting courses at RK Films & Media Academy.

If you are passionate of becoming an actor or actress who wants acting not just as a career but life, then whatever your personality and background may be, apply for admission in the best rated Diploma in Acting & Modelling course at RKFMA in Delhi.

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