Bachelors in Mass Communication and Journalism

R.K. Films and Media Academy offers a bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Mass Communication in Delhi, Karol Bagh. Bachelors in Journalism and Mass Communication Course (BJMC Course) A three-year undergraduate curriculum graduating with a BA in Mass Communication and journalism course focuses on the key components of mass media, including print media, radio, magazines, film, television, and other digital platforms that […]

Mass Media Institute in Delhi

Mass media is the source through which public communication on both a smaller and larger scale is mostly conducted. Your favorite films on streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video, news on TV and radio, and articles in newspapers and magazines are all examples of the mass media that play a major role in our everyday lives. Due to […]

Film Institute in India

If you enjoy working behind the camera and are aware of the proper shooting angles then filmmaking is the best career option for you. Making movies is a career that many people are passionate about, but it is also an art and a science that involves knowledge of the industry, target audience, location, ethnicity, and other factors before you start […]

Delhi University Courses after 12th

Deciding on a course after the 12th is an essential yet overwhelming decision. Delhi University’s Campus of Open Learning in affiliation with training partner R.K. Educational Group offers numerous vocational courses. The certificate programmes are skill-based and don’t require a CUET exam.   A list of the following certificate courses that are offered by the Campus of Open Learning with […]

Digital Media and Mass Communication Course in Delhi

In a fast-paced industry, mass communication, and digital media include a wide range of options, including journalism, advertising, media publication, and broadcasting. For instance, some kinds of mass communication include reading the newspaper every day, watching the news channel on TV, and watching videos on YouTube.  R.K. Academy of Art and Design in association with Delhi University’s Campus of Open […]

RKFMA – Video Editing Institute

R.K. Films and Media Academy video editing institute offers classroom and online video editing training in Karol Bagh, Delhi using the most recent software applications. The basics of advanced video editing for movies, YouTube, and television will be taught to the students. We offer comprehensive module programs that are created to give students access to cutting-edge equipment in the industry […]