Diploma in Mass Communication

Diploma in Mass Communication

Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication is a one-year diploma course that focuses on gaining in-depth experience using various tools used in mass communication, like public relations, event management, advertising, corporate communication, film direction, marketing, and the like. The course training aims to upskill the students with a passion for careers in journalism and […]

BJMC-Bachelor’s in Journalism and Mass Communication BJMC Colleges in Delhi

Bachelor’s in Journalism and Mass Communication Bachelor’s in Journalism and Mass Communication (also known as BJMC) is a three-year undergraduate degree program. This course is for students with curious minds who wish to build their careers in Journalism and mass communication. The program refines various skills like gathering, transmitting, and delivering information, writing, networking, research, analysis, interpretation, problem-solving, observation and […]

Why choose mass communication and Journalism College in Delhi?

Mass communication and journalism institute in Delhi is one of the firmest growing institutions communicating media education in New Delhi. Such institutes are the about grooming the students who will be specialists tomorrow. Day-to-day education is coupled through the inculcation of human values in an innovative learning environment. Mass Communication and Journalism institute in Delhi For Mass Communication Course in […]

Searching for Best Mass Communication College ?

Do you also feel that dealing with people who are totally unknown to you is still very difficult? If you are someone who by-heart the speech whole night best the next day you end up standing clueless about the content just because you are nervous, then you are not alone. There are people who are filled with end number of […]

How getting admission in the top mass communication & journalism college in Delhi ensures a bright Future

Mass Communication Course Technology has brought the entire world into one unified global community. The spreading of news has become more accessible with the increase in broadcasting channels, radio stations, social media, and many more as a result Mass Communication Course, as a career, becomes popular. Mass communication is not only related to Journalism, but it means mass media that […]

Admission in Mass Communication & Journalism Courses at RK Films & Media Academy

RKFMA|Media College for Mass Communication & Journalism in Delhi RK Films & Media Academy, established in the year 2006, is a multi-faced media institute in Delhi. The Academy offers best possible combinations of practical and theoretical knowledge with the help of experienced trainers & teachers in media field. In-campus audio studio, video shooting facilities, equipments, photography studio also serve as […]