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3D Animation Course

Do you recall how we would run home in the afternoons to watch Daffy Duck, Mickey Mouse, Bugs Bunny, or Tom and Jerry cartoons? These programmes gave us the joy and happiness that come with viewing our favourite cartoons. They ended up being your best friends.

These characters might not be recognizable to today’s youth. But in the world of 2D animation, they were superstars. However, the introduction of 3D animation has rendered them look like old pros. It has completely altered the way that scenes and visuals are portrayed on television.

3D animation institute

Many people have chosen careers in technology as a result of this change in the field. R.K Films and Media Academy offers 3D animation courses in association with Delhi University’s Campus of Open Learning to educate people in the field of 3D animation. The classes will be offered in both online and offline modes.  

3D animation course  

The process of producing moving images in three dimensions and inserting them into a digital environment. The programme used to create these items is made exclusively for 3D animation. These programmes enable 3D animators to produce the appearance of motion necessary to give objects life.

Modelling, layout and animation, and rendering are the three primary steps in the process of giving these objects motion and life.

A career in 3D animation

India is a great place to pursue a profession because it is well acknowledged as the centre of the animation industry on a global scale. The artistic satisfaction of an animation profession is very high, and the pay is flexible depending on experience and work history.

After the completion of the course one can opt for a few of the following career options:

  • 3D Designer and Modelling
  • Interactive Design
  • Games Design
  • Character Design
  • Image Editor

Candidates interested in the profession of 3D animation can pursue a degree from RKFMA. In addition to possessing design, unconventional thinking, innovative ideas, and concepts skills are required in animation.  

3D Animation course content

  • Photoshop
  • Premiere Pro
  • Maya or Blender

For information in admissions, contact at +91-9312237583, +91-9310047775, +91-9958880223 between 10am to 5pm IST.

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