Audio for Broadcast & Multimedia

Audio for Broadcast, Multimedia & Music Production

This is exclusively a Sound Recording & Audio Engineering course. The training sessions are designed to for the prospective learners having keen interest to work as sound or audio specialist for the various media, not limited to television, internet, multimedia, recording studio, live events, etc

Below are the highlights of the training:

  • Nature of training - highly specialized, intensive & hands-on practical training
  • Methodology - 20% theory and 80% practical
  • USP highly personalized, industry-tailored, training by industry practitioners
  • Makes students ready for positions in the industry as Sound Recordist, Audio Programmer, Audio Engineer for TV channels, radio stations, audio/ sound recording studios & production houses

Learning goals:

Students shall be taught:

  • Daily live PCR audio on Analog & Digital desks
  • Location/outdoor multi-camera audience-based shows
  • Field audio for TV specials & film documentaries
  • Audio for Events
  • Audio for music-based shows
  • Audio for broadcast applications - TV, Radio
  • Audio for multimedia applications – Graphics, Animation & the Web
  • Softwares & DAWs and tools
  • Microphones
  • Sound Cards
  • Recording, Mixing and Mastering
  • On-location sound
  • Basic of Music Theory
  • Basics Accoustics and Sound Proofing
Course duration:

2 to 3 months | 30 classes | Overall 45 hours 

Number of classes per week:

2 to 3 classes a week. Each class for duration of 1.5 hours approximately. Online Classes and Offline classes are also offered.

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