Adobe Production Suite - Premier Pro Video Editing

The course aims at training its students on the major production suites used while editing which includes Photoshop, Premier Pro, Illustrator & After Effects with offline and online classes.

Course Objective

The course aims at training its students on the video production softwares used in video editing. Course includes classes on Photoshop, Premier Pro, Illustrator & After Effects. The training also aims at giving basic to advanced knowledge and techniques employed while working on non-linear editing (NLE) setups like Premiere Pro etc. The course is also offered through online classes in Hindi and English mediums. 

Course Outline
Audience & Eligibility

Course is for beginners and freshers who do not have any prior knowledge of using softwares for video making or video production works. Anyone new to the Adobe Production Studio including news editors, finish editors, and producers and other broadcast personnel responsible for producing edited content. Students from different streams like Fine Arts, Media, Mass Communication & Journalism, etc. & who are interested in gaining more information about the editing process used in TV & Films production may also join.

Course Duration

The duration of the training depends on the level of practice of non-linear video editing concepts. Following charts depicts a summarized & a clear picture of the duration of the course for various categories of applicants along with the corresponding mode of training.

Class ModesDuration
Part-time/ Evening Classes 2 Months (3-4 classes per week)
Weekend Trainings 3-4 Months (2-3 classes per week)

The students may also get raw footages & other materials from the Academy through which they can demonstrate their own creativity & produce a finished output. Please note that the classes may be conducted individually since the training requires individual attention from our professional editors & visual compositors. The timings of the classes are flexible & may get scheduled/ re-scheduled upon request & in consultation with the editor.

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