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Your voice is your identity when it leaves others speechless. The course is all about creating your voice & using your voice creatively & effectively in the area of performing arts & every other area of life. Offline and Online Classes available.

RKFMA's Voice Culture course is all about identifying and creating your voice, using your voice creatively & effectively in the area of performing arts & every other area of life. This courses aims to learn the techniques for becoming a Voice Artists or a Voice Actor.

Our trainers also impart the skills for Voice Modulation, Voice Overs, Voice Narration, Voice Dubbing which can be used in various commercial projects related to event anchoring, radio jockeying, anchoring, litigation interations, marketing presentations, teaching, ebooks, audio books, animation, sports commentary and many more. 

Depending on your grasping power & practice you may initially start working as a Voice Actor for animation, films, TV, documentaries, radio, events & etc after the completion of rigorous & intensive training involved in the course.

Different mode of re-voicing are: lip-sync dubbing, narration/voice-over, free commentary. In filmmaking, dubbing or looping is the process of recording or replacing voices for a motion picture which is technically known as automated dialogue replacement, or ADR. While, voice-over (VO) refers to a production technique where a disembodied voice is broadcast live or pre-recorded in radio, television, film, theater and/or presentation. Voice-Over (VO) may also be understood as the actual voice actor who performed the recording. The terms voice actor, narrator, voice artist, announcer are all similarly used. The course curriculum will include different forms of dubbing, voice-over & free commentary.

Course Outline:
  • Introduction and understanding Dubbing, VO, Voice Narration
  • Pronunciation, diction, voice modulation
  • Scale & Pitch of Voice – Bass to High Pitch
  • Stamina Command, Rhythm & Fluency
  • Presentation & Speech Development
  • Improvisation of dialect language & creation of voice
  • Honey laced violet voice
  • Trimming of Voice – Bass, Dignity, Depth, Jingling, Elasticity, Crackling
  • Voice Improvement Exercises for rejected voices like shivering voice, dry voice, stammer, overlap voices, trembling voices, gender voices, noisy & weak voices.
  • Voice-Over (VO) & Dubbing for TV Documentaries, Radio & TV commercials/ advertisements, Corporate video.
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Audience & Eligibility:

People are expected to have not expert but average level fluency in English or Hindi or both the languages with willingness to enhance their voice quality. Students interested in learning the pitch, tone variation, improving vocal speech delivery for presentation, etc. The course also serves as foundation for a career in TV & Radio Broadcasting industry. The course will train its students using Hindi, Urdu & English Languages.

Course Timings:

Part-time / Weekends Classes - Studio Based Practical sessions

Online Classes are also offered

For more information, contact +91-9312237583 or +91-9310047775 (New Delhi, India) or email your queries at admissions@rkfma.com, info@rkfma.com

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