Still Digital Photography & Lighting

Certificate & Diploma Courses in Delhi

The word "photography" comes from the French photographie which is based on the Greek words φως phos ("light"), and γραφίς graphis ("stylus", "paintbrush") or γραφή graphê ("representation by means of lines" or "drawing"), together meaning "drawing with light". This masterclass is about producing professionals in still digital photography having an understanding from the basics of light, composition, colour, lighting, processing and retouching.

Admissions are Digital Photography Courses at RKFMA under the mentorship of experienced photographers. The curriculum covers all aesthetics for beginners to professional-levels. RKFMA is also known as one of the best institute for photography skills learning in Delhi and have dedicated in-campus photography studio setups.

Course Outlines (for Diploma and certificate courses in Photography)
  • History of Photography
  • Theory of Photography
  • Photographic Films & their Applications
  • Light sources of photography
  • Photo Journalism: Creating believable stories, Capturing the picture, Selling the picture, Working for an agency, Working for a newspaper or magazine
  • Techniques of Studio Lighting
  • Camera Lenses
  • Fashion Photography
  • Product Photography
  • Portrait Photography
  • Portfolio Photography
  • Techniques of Outdoor Lighting
  • Street Photography
  • Black & White Photography
  • Wedding Photography
  • Using Photoshop
  • Photography Business and Copyright Laws
  • Making videos using DSLR
  • Studio Setups
  • Photo-walks

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Audience & Eligibility:

Beginners & Amateurs who have been practicing Photography and would like to pursue it professionally. Students enrolling for this course would be required to purchase their own DSLR cameras, camera accessories, etc. during the photography course & camera classes. Besides this, the course is also beneficial for Mass Communication & Journalism students. There is no formal qualification needed to enroll, however, candidates with minimum 10th pass shall be given preference.

Course Duration
 New Learners/Freshers
Full - time | Part-time | Evening Classes 3 months, 6 months or 1 year
Weekend Photography Courses 3 months, 6 months or 1 year

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