Films TV Audio Studios Rental Services / Crew Artists Hire in Delhi

R K Films & Media Academy envisages being the only “true” film & media studies related institution in New Delhi leaving others on a backseat. The studios & infrastructure available at the Academy are designed to aesthetically train its students on various streams of mass communication.

The studio equipments & infrastructure are also made available to various other professional production houses, filmmakers, field reporters, ad filmmakers, musicians, singers etc. for a quick solution to their production related needs.

Simultaneously, the Academy will also assist in providing its trained artists & technical team for all production related works.

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Video Editing & Compositing Studio facilities & infrastructure:
  • Video Tape Recorders (VTRs) & Players - for Beta, Digi Beta, High Band & Low Band, DVC Pro & Mini DVC
  • Editing Suites Available: Avid Liquid, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premier Pro CS3 (Production Premium), Sony Production Suite (Vegas Pro), Discreet Edit 6, Canopus Edius, Main Concept. Third Party Plug-ins are also available
  • Visual Compositing Suites: Discreet Combustion, Adobe After Effects, Boris, TitleMotion. Third Party Plug-ins also available.
  • Animation & Modeling Solutions: Autodesk Maya & Autodesk 3DS Max
Photography & Video Production Studio facilities:

The video production facilities has made it possible to help in production of various corporate films, ad films, animated films, interviews, short-films, docudrama, TV Commercials, etc.

  • Video lights, light stands, Electronic background roller rod, snoots, spot grids
  • Studio lights, soft boxes, color backgrounds, Baby Lights, Multi-ten
  • Four Camera Sony PD170 PAL Mini DVC format, Steadicams
  • Teleprompter, Vision Mixers & Switchers
  • Trolley & Dolly
  • Chroma with Blue, Green & Black colours
  • Green Room
  • Boom & Lapel mics
  • Shooting Floor 20 ft x 40 ft (approx.)
Sound/Audio Recording & Production Studio:

The recording studio & professionals working with the Academy makes it possible to offer you with services like music sequencing, radio spots & jingles, voice over & dubbing for radio & TV commercials, background scores, etc.

  • Sound Editing Suites: Nuendo, Cubase, Sound Forge, Cool Edit Pro, Adobe Audition
  • Equipments available:
  • Audio Mixing Console
  • Presonus Firebox
  • Condenser Mics & Dynamic Mics
  • Workstation
  • VSTs, Music Loops & Plugins
  • Karaoke System
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