Discreet Combustion & Adobe After Effects - Visual Compositing and Motion Graphics Course

Combustion was in vogue between 2005 to 2015. At present, Adobe's After Effects has took over with better interface and tools.

Digital motion graphics and compositing software published by Adobe Systems, After Effects can be used in film and video post-production. The software was originally created & published in January 1993 by the Company of Science and Art (CoSA), USA which later acquired by Aldus corporation in July 1993; this company was then acquired by Adobe in 1994. The course aims on how to use After Effects to create sophisticated motion graphics—using text and object animations, compositing videos and images, and adding audio and effects. The students will also learn on how to set keyframes on a timeline and work with transform properties, motion paths, masks, and effects, developing a solid foundation in this increasingly popular and versatile program. After Effects is used in a variety of contexts, including broadcast graphics, music videos, feature films, video rotoscoping, corporate presentations, and conferences.

Course Outline
Combustion Training ContentsAfter Effects Training Contents
Not available at present. We recommend to join classes on After Effects on latest available versions. Intro to After Effects Motion Paths and Interpolation Text Animation Masks and Effects Blending Modes, Time Manipulation, and Painting Video, Audio, and Layers.
Audience & Eligibility

Prior knowledge of Adobe Photoshop is a pre-requisite for joining this course. Admission seekers may be animators or video editors. Students already pursuing a video editing course or course in animation may also join the After Effects training classes.

Course Duration
Class ModesClass Duration
Part-time/ Evening Classes 1 Month (3-4 Classes per week) | Online and Offline Classes
Weekend Trainings 2 Month (2-3 classes per week) Online and Offline Classes

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