Professional Photography Diploma Course

The camera & lighting course helps its students to become, conceptually and practically, efficient photographers, videographers & lighting professionals for production houses & news channels.

Students who are keen to learn photography skills or want to make a career as professional photograher are recommended to join six months or one year Diploma in DSLR Photography. Diploma courses cover advance photography techniques, image editing, photo studio lighting techniques, photowalks, videography using DSLR and video editing. However, students are also advised to get their own camera units as per their budgets for which they are also free to consult their photography teachers.

About the Photography Course in Delhi

RKFMA's Photography courses are ranked amongst the best known schools for learning Photography in India. The Academy also offers best possible support to all its students, whether from outstation and local, while they study photography. The students can also use the photography studio setups for their practice after class hours.

Course Contents

DSLR CAMERA OPERATIONS:- Define Photography & its forms, History of Film and Digital photography,Introduction to SLR/TLR/DSLR,Overview about digital Sensors – CCD & CMOS,Aperture and its working,Shutter and its working,ISO and its relation with sensor,Exposure Triangle – TTL,Types of Lenses and its filters,Characteristics of Natural light,Artificial light for day Light Shoots.

COMPOSITION:- How to frame subject,Primary composition rules,Secondary composition rules,Types of Frames,Types of Composition,The Subject and the Frame,Mastering Composition.

STUDIO LIGHTS:-Introduction to flash technology,Slave system and master system,Light controlling equipment,Basic & professional reflectors,3 point lighting set-up,Working of electrical background,Light set-up for professional shoots.

ADVANCING YOUR PHOTOGRAPHY:-Portraiture Photography,Splash Photography,Macro Photography,People Photography,Monument Photography,Low Key,High Key,Portfolio Photography,Night Photography,Wedding Photography Tips,Photojournalism & Spots Photography Tips,Landscape Photography,Jewellery Photography.


Advance picture editing process and techniques are covered in this unit. Student will understand how to enhance the raw image into a professional image. Editing process related to photography will be covered.


The demand for videography is increasing day by day. Now DSLR camera can create high quality videos. In this unit, students will understand DSLR videography techniques and basic video editing process.


In order to excel the art of shooting in natural light we take our students to various places in Delhi once in a week. Every year we also organize 4 paid photography tours to different locations within India. Students have to reach the location (Within Delhi) by their own and have to pay entry fee where ever required. All expenses related to tours/travel/entry fee/model shoots (Sharing bases) are paid by students.

Audience & Eligibility:

Anyone interested in learning photography skills or camera handling can join. RKFMA Photography Institute expects its learner to be confident in handling camera units and equipments. Outstation or international candidates can also WhatsApp queries at +91-9312237583

Duration - Regular | Weekends Classes :  3months | 6 months | 1 year

Class Modes - Offline Classes and Online Classes. 
Both are offered.

For admissions and inquires of TV & Films Cinematography Diploma Course, please contact admissions counsellors at 09312237583 or 09310047775. Email your queries at

WhatsApp queries at +91-9312237583

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