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Mass Communication, and more popularly termed as mass comm, comprises of combination of two words: mass + communication.

Literally & practically, it means to communicate information & messages, to a group of people geographically spread apart from each other, simultaneously through some media, i.e., medium.

This definition highlights upon the use & scope of “electronic media” when we talk about mass communication. But why only electronic media? This is because when there is need to communicate with a large number of people located at different localities, cities, states, countries, etc. at one time then use of electronic modes of media is indispensible. The print media may also be taken under mass com, however, with certain limitations.

In today’s sophisticated world with number of technological advances coming up almost every week & due to rise in different kind’s business organisations, there has been a significant change in the manner & style of communication process and the mediums by which we choose to communicate. In short, today, the concept of mass communication mainly revolves around “the mass media” & “the form of communication”.

Streams of courses & professions related to mass communication, in India, have been majorly branched into:
  • Advertising
  • Visual Arts
  • Servicing & maintenance of the Audio-Video equipments
  • Journalism
  • Public Relations (PR) & Corporate Communications
  • Event Management & Live Entertainment
  • Films & Television (TV) Studies
  • Radio Studies
  • Theatre & Presentation Arts
  • Web Media & Cyber Journalism
  • Print Media
  • Media & Production Management
  • Broadcast Media Rechnologies

Many universities, colleges, schools & institutes in India offer courses in the above listed braches, however, the R K Films & Media Academy propounds upon the practical training on the subjects it offers alongwith the aesthetics involved which teaches its students the common & required conceptual knowledge in form of theories as well.

  • Journalism & Mass Communication
  • Essentials for a Journalism Professional
  • Journalism as a Career
  • Qualities needed to become a Journalist
  • Career & Work Profiles associated in Film making, TV and Radio
  • Career in Advertising & Marketing Communications
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