Acting & Modelling for TV, Films, Theatre & Drama

Acting for Films, TV, Theatre & Drama and Modelling Six Months Professional Camera Acting Course offered in New Delhi

Actors are generally expected to possess a number of acting skills, including good vocal projection, clarity of speech, physical expressiveness, a good sense of perspective, emotional availability, a well developed imagination, the ability to analyze and understand dramatic text, and the ability to emulate or generate emotional and physical conditions.

Well-rounded actors are often also skilled in singing, dancing, emotional expressiveness, imitating, dialects and accents, improvisation, observation and emulation, mime, stage combat, and performing classical texts. Well-trained professional actors who have discipline, technique, and a working knowledge of the entire filmmaking process are rare.

This is why the R K Films & Media Academy's Diploma in Acting & Modelling courses are on the cutting-edge of the actor-training field. Designed equally for beginning actors as well as those with experience, the Academy's Film Acting programs provide actors  not only with modern on-camera acting techniquesbut also a foundation of acting training rooted in time-honored theatrical traditions.

The instructors & trainers are all professional working actors, writers, directors, producers & veterans of Bollywood and independent film, television and regional theater—and they give each student the personal focus and rigorous discipline necessary for launching a career in film and television. The Academy is on the cutting-edge of actor training because the Institute provide the students with:

  • Practical On-Camera Experience
  • Dynamic Faculty
  • Filmmaking Resources.
  • Short Intensive Programs > Reel Materials.
Course Duration & Course Structure
Duration Topics Covered

Three Months Certificate 
Acting Course

  • Facing Audience & Removing Inhibition, Freeing Mind & Body
  • Discussing films
  • Biography of famous actors/actresses
  • Voice Projection & Voice Modulation stresses & pauses
  • Body Language
  • Get-Ups, approaching a character, Observation, Improvisation
  • Camera Facing, Miming, Understanding Different Emotions, Mannerism
  • Acting Exercises, Mirror Exercises
  • Sound – Background music, SFX
  • Clap Board, Ask Yourself Questions
  • Cinemascope
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Six Months Diploma in 
Acting & Modelling Course

  • Dance - Exercises, Movement, Dance Steps
  • Lip Sync, Feeling the Lyrics
  • Synchronization of steps with others
  • Setting full song with other artists
  • Complicated Dance steps
  • Character Dubbing
  • Stunts – Basic Ground Movements, Exercises for Flexibility, Action Reaction, Jumps & Acrobats, Choreography of Stunts, Use of Spring Boards
  • Diction Exercises
  • Elements of Modeling - Fashion, Ramp & Photoshoots
  • Acting for Side Roles & its importance
  • Making of Show reels
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The Academy's open admission policy allows anyone to enter our programs regardless of previous experience. Our teachers specialize in bringing our diverse and eclectic groups of students to the peak of their abilities no matter what level they are at when they enter. Many of our acting students are:-

  • People with little or no acting experience.
  • People who have some theater experience but little or no film experience.
  • An eclectic group of people with diverse backgrounds, from all over the world.
  • Colleges & schools dramatics & theatre teams.
Schedule of New Batches & Classes
Candidates intesrested in joining Acting and Modelling classes may apply for either regular or weekend batches. Tentative dates for the new Acting Training batches shall take off from the following dates:
Date(s) Timings
  Usually in 1st week or mid-week of every month Please contact or WhatsApp your queries at +91-9312237583, 09312231374, 09310047775, 09958880223.

Incase you wish to join weekends training classes of Film Acting & Modeling Course at please send your query by filling up the query form or contact us for more details. Interested candidates who wish join the Films and TV Acting Drama Classes or Theatre Acting may contact our admission counselors directly at +91-9312237583, +91-9310047775, 09312231374, 09958880223 or e-mail us at

RK Films & Media Academy has also offers Theatre Acting worshops for all age groups at a nominal fee. Please speak with the admission counselor at 011-45064241, 09312231374, 09312237583, 09310047775, 09958880223 for more details.

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