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Sound Recording Audio Mixing Editing and Digital Music Production
You might be surprised to know but we feel proud to inform you that, today, music can be produced even without using the musical instruments. The reasons behind this are the technological advancements made in the field of music production. Lot of sound studio related equipments (hardwares & softwares) are available which need to synchronize in a judicious manner. The training would expose its students to the technology adopted in construction of music for films, TV, advertisements, music albums, etc.

Course Outline:

Introduction to Sound & its forms
Know-how to select microphones
Microphone setup & recording
Mono & Stereo techniques
Types of sound mixing consoles
Operations of analog mixer
Working with audio tracks
Recording & formats
Basic Sound Editing techniques
Sound effects & their uses
Understanding – How to mix?
Setting up of sound production equipments
Working with sound & music recording softwares
Visits to professional sound studios


Audience & Eligibility:
The training is beneficial for musicians & crowd interested in knowing the etiquettes required for working in sound studios. Although the course aims at giving knowledge about sound, however, knowledge of music theory, before joining or simultaneously, would be of great help. People interested in setting up their own home-studio or professional recording studios must attend this training session.

Course Duration:


New Learners/ Freshers

Part-time/ Evening Classes

Six months

Short Certificate Course Sessions

Three months

Weekends Trainings

Six months

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