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QuarkXPress is used by just about every graphic designer on the planet. It is a precision tool used for the page layout aspect of electronic publishing. Powerful yet user-friendly, Quark can be used for putting together anything from a promotional flier to a film poster or magazine. You have probably created simple documents, such as letters and reports, using word processing applications. You most likely applied basic type formatting, included some graphics in the documents, and printed the documents yourself on a desktop printer. Now you need to create high-quality single- and multiple-page documents for professional publication. In this course, you'll use QuarkXPress to lay out professional quality single and multiple-page documents that include text and graphics, and are designed for professional printing and publication.
Adobe PageMaker is a powerful page layout application you can use to create professional publications. In this course, you will learn advanced techniques and skills as you create a full-page color advertisement for publication in a magazine, and a catalog with tables that you will prepare for both print output and as an Acrobat PDF file designed for desktop printing or electronic distribution via the Web. This course provides the basic principles and techniques to work with PageMaker efficiently and produce great looking documents.

Course Outline:

Xpress Training Contents
PageMaker Training Contents

Creating a Basic Single-page Document, Structuring a Multi-page Document, Type Setting, Presenting Text and Graphics in Tables, Enhancing a Publication's Readability, Finalizing a Document for Commercial Printing, Creating Graphic & Type Effects, Applying Color Management, Managing Long Documents, Laying Out Pages...

Creating a Newsletter, Using Text & Graphics, Formatting Using Advanced Typography, Applying Advanced Layout Techniques, Color Management and Printing Tabs and Indents, Creating Tables, Creating Acrobat PDF Documents, Trapping Concepts, Managing Long Documents, Importing and Exporting HTML Frames and Blocks..

Audience & Eligibility:

Professional and prospective layout designers and technicians with any level of experience, but with little or no experience using QuarkXPress or PageMaker. They are unlikely to be doing the printing themselves. They are more likely to work for medium sized and large companies, rather than small businesses. They have basic word processing skills and may already use Illustrator and Photoshop. Before taking this course, students should be familiar with the basic functions of their computer's operating system. They should also have basic word processing skills, such as copying and pasting text, formatting type, and so on. Students studying Mass Communication & Journalism are also welcome to join this course.

Course Duration: 10-12 classroom sessions for each program

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